Websites, Backend, API

I do websites. Brand new, just for you. I work best with a designer or a general design. My primary focus these days is backend and api development. Need service integration, I got you covered. Need a shiny new api that's actually really more than RPC? Let's do it, OK. REST + HATEOAS is your friend. Maybe even GraphQL.


Got legacy spaghetti and don't know where to go? I can help you sort it out. By applying proven refactoring patterns, supplementing patterns of enterprise application architecture, and at least Unit Testing we can start to iron it out. The only place to go with poor design is even further down the road of poor design. There's no abstraction that can save you. Let's right the ship.


Load, integration, unit, and functional testing are my jams! Let's set up some expected behavior, shall we? Tired of wondering why you're not agile, even though you do scrum? Testing is crucial.